Everyone also knows that the City of London is the capital city of Great Britain and England. The city is very developed and growing rapidly, so that all eyes are on that the area is the top and most popular city in the world. The capital city of Queen Elizabeth is not only thick with progress from various sectors. However, in general, the area is one of the oldest European cities in the region.
We can’t wait to uncover some interesting facts about the City of London. So for those of you who are already curious, then consider in detail some of the following descriptions, including;

  1. Museum Free Ticket
    When you explore a historical place, of course, you will be charged an entrance ticket. But not for the City of London, because all the museums in it do not set ticket prices at all. So you and other visitors can freely explore the building. The most famous place in the world is the British Museum. Being in London will make your experience even more extensive. Because your insight into all phenomena about the region will increase.
  2. Many ancient buildings were created
    The city of London has many ancient buildings that still look great and epic to this day. Because the level of care in all places is very good because it has the best and quality management. You must have heard about the Victorian era palace, where at that time there were ancient architectural buildings that still look magnificent. Compared to other major Cities, London has its own distinctive features in terms of grandeur.
  3. Lines of skyscrapers
    Apart from the splendor of ancient buildings, London also has rows of skyscrapers. You will definitely see it in person when you come to the City. Which of these buildings is used as the largest shopping place in Europe. In addition, there are also the World Bank, Online Gambling Center and other public places located in Canary Wharf. All complete facilities are already in it, and it will make you even more reluctant to go home.
  4. Various kinds of public transportation
    Local residents have no difficulty in carrying out their daily activities. That is because the city has various kinds of public transportation which until now still look smooth and well-maintained. In it, there are types of vehicles such as buses, trains, black cabs and other transportation. Uniquely, this type of transportation is connected via an electric network. So that driving comfort is more guaranteed. Due to the fact, the majority of the population in the region are users of public transportation services.
  5. Green Plants Everywhere
    Another interesting fact is that there are green plants everywhere. However, most of them are in the city center. Greening is very beneficial for local residents. Because in addition to providing fresh air from various pollutants, these plants are also often used as family tourist attractions ranging from rest areas, picnics, entertainment and other positive things. You will definitely be amazed when you arrive in the City and as if you don’t want to return to your home country.

So the reviews we provide this time are of great use to you and other readers. Because in fact, the City of London is the best area which until now has not been matched by a number of European cities.