Information about the City of London which always makes other cities jealous
Visiting the City of London will not only leave you with an interesting experience, but also a satisfaction that is second to none. The city, which is nicknamed the country of Queen Elizabeth, is often the envy of several other big cities, especially on the European continent. Because not only luxury buildings have they featured until now, but there are so many interesting sides that are still unmatched.
The capital city of the United Kingdom is much different in every way than any other major city. And in this post we deliberately present information about the City of London whose dominance is difficult to break, including;

  1. Using the Largest Currency
    Britain is an invaluable country, in what way? For example, currency. The currency exchange rate in that country is the highest compared to other countries. They use a pound sterling (£) exchange rate. If converted into rupiah, 1 pound sterling is around IDR 25,000.
  2. Ease of Access to Public Transportation
    The thing that might make the City of London even more perfect is the ease of accessing public transportation. Let’s just say that when using a public bus, users only need to pay the fare via an Oyster Card, which is not much different from E-Toll, electronic payments and the like. But that doesn’t happen to taxis and trains. Where transportation users only pay with cash or cash. Uniquely, all types of public transportation have the best facilities such as Wi-Fi. So that the journey from the starting place to the destination becomes more interesting.
  3. There are holidays for trains
    Unlike other cities, London has a different story when it comes to vehicles, let’s call it a train. On holidays, the transportation access is a total holiday. That’s because technicians have special duties to carry out repairs, checks and other important things. The goal is that the passengers’ trips during the active day will not experience problems. Moreover, the train in the City is the oldest train in the world.
  4. Left Steering Position
    The use of four-wheeled vehicles in the City of London is no stranger to the steering system in the left position. However, most other European cities still apply Right Steering Position. So those of you who may be driving there should not be surprised, because these provisions are state laws that were formed several centuries ago.
  5. The Homeless Still There
    Similar to other cities, where London still has homeless people who until now live in public places, one of which is at the train station. In fact, they are classified as strong people in seeking the necessities of life. And of course you have to be more vigilant when you meet them. It could be that they are a mafia community and the like.
  6. Pay for Kit at the Restaurant
    What distinguishes London from other cities is the potential to pay for kits ranging from 10 to 15% of the total meal cost (Bill). This happens in several well-known restaurants only. However, most of the other restaurants have combined these bills into the billing.
  7. Full of Tolerance
    And the City of London places a high value on tolerance. All religious people in the city seem to carry out their worship in a solemn and Tuma’Ninah. That is because there is no anti-Religion which is still very harmonious until now.
    For who insterest to visit London city, may visit this will provide you about every travel information and to be sure, the City of London still has other interesting things that we cannot reveal one by one. However, some of the previous reviews have described that the region is very worthy of being the best city in the world.