Ozone Coffee Roaster

The Most Visited Coffee Shop in London – Tea time is one of London’s cultures, but nowadays Londoners also enjoying a cup of coffee in their spare time. No wonder that you can see coffee shops in every corner of this country. Every coffee shop in London mostly serves fresh ground coffee so the visitors can enjoy the pure taste of coffee there. If you wonder where the best spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, here is the answer.

  • Warm Ambience in Ozone Coffee Roaster

Ozone Coffee Roaster is a coffee shop in London that is famous since 1998. The location of this coffee shop on Leonard Street. When you visit it, you can see that Londoners can enjoy their coffee mostly in the morning. This coffee shop not only serves a glass of tasteful coffee, but it gives a calm and warm ambiance to the guests. Its interior and unfinished building creates that Ozone Coffee Roaster has an industrial theme.

Don’t worry about the price in this coffee shop because all of the beverages here are affordable. Start with two-pound sterling; you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. As a friend, you can order the breakfast or brunch menu that is famous around London

  • Vintage Coffee Shop in London: Paper and Cup

Paper and Cup is a small coffee shop in London that has vintage interior and decoration. The location of the Paper and Cup coffee shop is at 18th Calvert Avenue London. You can find this place easily by looking at the blue paint color and warm ambiance inside. It is a perfect place for guests who like to spend time reading a novel and enjoying a cup of espresso. This place serves a cozy and homey ambiance for the guests so they can enjoy it without limit.

  • Artisan Coffee in Flat White

Flat White is one of the famous coffee shops in London, Even it has a small area, many guests come and out to try their coffee. You can find a Flat White coffee shop in Berwick Street Market, Soho, which has a Victorian style for its interior. Since 2005, Flat White serves the artisan coffee that is famous around Australia and New Zealand. While enjoying your coffee, you can try some snacks like cookies, bread, cake, or brownies here.

Every coffee shop in London has its style and products that can interest anyone who visits. If you have a chance to visit London and want to enjoy the delicious coffee, those three coffee shops are ready to welcome you with their signature menu.