Do you want to visit the city of London? If so, of course you have to find a lot of information related to London. As well as some interesting facts from the city of London that are important to know. Moreover, London is one of the capital cities that is quite famous throughout the world and is one of the most popular cities.

Please note that it is extensive and has interesting and unique facts that other cities do not have. One of its uniqueness is that London is the oldest city on the European continent. So you can say that there are a lot of old buildings in London. Well, to find out more details related to what are interesting facts from the city of London, see the complete uqlsan below.

  1. Many Museums

As previously explained, London is the only oldest city on the European continent, so there are a lot of ancient buildings in it. This is why it is not surprising that in London there are many museums. Uniquely, the many museums in London do not apply a ticket or payment system for each visitor. In other words, anyone who visits this museum is free of charge.

Well, of course for those of you who are visiting London, it is mandatory to visit some of the museums that are there. The benefits that you can get are not only able to save expenses, but also can increase knowledge related to history in London that you may have never known.

  1. Very Many Old Buildings

Another interesting fact of the city of London is that it has a lot of old buildings. This is in accordance with London being the oldest city on the European continent. Unlike the case with old buildings in general that are not maintained, it is precisely the old buildings in London that are well maintained. So that when you are here you will feel you are in a magnificent kingdom with ancient buildings.

Moreover, these ancient buildings have very unique architectural designs, making them look more magnificent. Another attraction is that there are several buildings with the characteristics of the city of London that stand majestically.

3 Many Skyscrapers

London is not only famous for its old buildings, it is also famous for its many skyscrapers. This building is used as a shopping center. Not only that, there are also many tall buildings that provide various facilities such as marketing offices, service offices and many more.

  1. Easy Transportation Access

When you are in London, it will be easy to get access to public transportation. The reason is that in Rondo there are lots of transportation that can be used by tourists such as Black csb, trains and buses. You can use all these means of transportation to reach all of London.

Moreover, all these means of transportation are equipped with technology and facilities that greatly pamper every user. So don’t be surprised if London is famous for its very easy and quite a lot of transportation access.

  1. Central Park

Another interesting fact from London is that there are many parks in the middle of the city. Although it is hit by many skyscrapers, but with many parks in the middle of the city it can be a pollution filter. Moreover, the distance between one city park with another park is not far. So you can visit this park to just relax.