Who wouldn’t dream of being a student in London? More than 40 universities are welcoming new students every year. Not to mention, the worldwide recognition of London graduates! However, there is a rumor that there is barely any time to have fun as the students are struggling to live daily. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Note The Basic Living Cost
This is probably the first thing any students should do upon or prior to their arrival. Make a simple note of the daily living expenses. What should be included? Start from the closest one: fast food meal, mineral water, bread and milk. Then add the items to commute: bus price, transportation ticket, train ticket, etc. It is always good to have comparison and set the bar.

Get The Most Out Of Free Stuff
Luckily, not everything is charged in London. Some fun places with breath taking view could be accessed for free. Some of the examples are Greenwich Park, Sky Garden, Tate Modern, British Museum, etc. These places are located in the city, so there is no additional cost for the transportation. Moreover, the free public places are well maintained. It is as if the place has its own cleaning service.

Shop Like Locals
The last trick that will help the students saving more money is shopping in local market. Also, there are lots of shops that sell grocery for cheap price. Throw away the “tourist-like” standard. It will surely cost more. If the students plan to explore the city, never use trip website. They often show longer route to reach the place and more expensive transportation to get there.

The life of a student in London should be easier after knowing the tricks above. After all, meticulous planning and detailed observation are important. Write down the monthly budget and how the students are going to spend it. Make sure to put the important things first then apply the trick. Good luck!