The Most Recommended UK Books – It will always be a very great idea for you to read UK books as they can offer you the different genres to excite you in the best way, which are like horror, romance, science fiction, fantasy, and so on. So then, you will never run out of options to choose. Yet, if you are still confused about a good UK book to read, it will be so much better for you to check some of the most recommended UK books below.
– Pride and Prejudice
One of the most recommended UK books that you have to add to your collection is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. You can read the review and buy this book on because the main reason why you cannot miss this book is because it can offer you the interesting story of the Bennetts (a modest family who lived in a small countryside on the United Kingdom). There was Mrs. Bennett that was really obsessed of setting her daughters up with a soldier or a successful guy. At the welcoming party, while Mrs. Bennett was busy introduced her eldest daughter (Jane Bennett) to Mr. Bingley a young rich guy who came to the village with his sister, Elizabeth Bennett (the second daughter of the Bennetts) met the cold Mr. Darcy of Pemberley who is a friend of Mr. Bingley. This unexpected meeting somehow became the beginning of a unique love story between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. They kept holding their pride and prejudice about each other in the wrong way. Well, there are so many other conflicts happen in the story that will make fall in love with this novel somehow. Thus, it will be nice for you to read this book to find out how the love story will end.

– City of Girls
Then, the next recommended UK book for you is City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert who is known so well for “Eat Pray and Love”. This awesome fiction, which was published by Bloomsbury, will offer you a story of a nineteen year old girl called Vivian Morris who had dropped out of a sophomore year at Vassar. Then, her despaired parents sent her to live with Aunt Peg who owned a midtown theater called “The Lily” in New York back in 1940s. Once she had been there, she tried to make friend with some showgirls. Since then, she started to live their hedonistic lifestyle that made her learn some tough lessons. In addition, it has good plot which becomes so much more interesting as it gets combined with many historical details.

Things You Better Know about London Health Service
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Things You Better Know about London Health Service

Things You Better Know about London Health Service – Health service has been one of the most significant things that everyone has to concern about especially when they want to have a better life. This particular service will be emphasized on providing the people the various suitable treatments and aid in order to prevent the worse and unexpected things related to their health condition. Well, there is London health service that can be defined as one of the best in the world. Aside of that, it can also offer you several great things that you have to know. Then, what are they? Let’s figure them out below.
– How It Works
London health service will definitely give an easy way for you every time you want to access it. In this case, you have to make sure that you register yourself to the General Practitioner (GP) near you as soon as possible if you want to be the part of the UK Healthcare System. Then, you will find that they can help you to get to the hospital once you need any specific medical treatments from the experts. Not only that, if you are in an emergency, they will refer you to the Accident and Emergency (A & E) Department. Basically, all of those things will be integrated so well in order to provide the excellent and right treatments that you require. In addition to this, London health service can also offer you the private health insurance plans which can be divided into two different types (moratorium and unwritten). These kinds of insurance plans will make your family members and you have lots of conveniences whenever you want to get a good health schemes. In the simple words, it will let you have your own private doctors and specialist, NHS facilities, optimal services at the hospital without waiting for too long, and so many more still.

– Is It Free?
Moreover, there are social site can offer you some treatments for free mainly when you get the NHS Facilities. In the other words, you can get various healthcare treatments without spending much money as it covers many different aspects such as dental treatments, pharmacies, hospital care, eye care, sexual care, medical consultations, and so many more. All of them as such remarkable and more affordable healthcare service that help you to improve the quality of your health to the next level. Thus, in the end of the day, everyone will be able to have a healthier life without worrying about the finance at all.

The Best Attractions to See in London
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The Best Attractions to See in London

The Best Attractions to See in London – London, The United Kingdom, jhas been known so well as one of the most amazing cities in the world. This particular city will definitely offer you all the great and beautiful things that you cannot find anywhere else, whoch can be ranging from the awesome landmarks to the iconic buildings. All of them will really mesmerize and drop your jaw for sure. Aside of that, london can also offer you the best attractions that you have to see whenever you have spare time to spend there. Then, do you really want to find out what those attractions are? If you do, it is so much recommended for you to keep reading below.
– The Victoria and Albert Museum
One of the various options of the best attractions that you have to see in London is the Victoria and Albert Museum. This cool place, which is also known well as the V&A, is actually the part of the South Kensington based museums (alongside Science Museum and Natural History Museum). It covers more than 13 acres and has about 145 galleries which consist of many art and related artifacts that have been spanning for more than five thousand years. Besides, it can show you its remarkable collection as well, which are like textiles, ceramics, sculptures, prints, photos, glass, silver, jewelries, ironworks, and so many more still. So then, in the other words, you will have a great chance to explore all of those aesthetical things nicely.

In addition to this, the Victoria and Albert Museum can show you the notable and luxurious British styled architecture that you will adore so much especially when you pay more attention to its red brick walls and classic big windows. So, it will never be a bad idea to take a photo before getting in to the museum.

– Hyde Park
Furthermore, the other best attraction that you cannot miss when you visit London is Hyde Park as it has been the largest open space in the city since 1635. This fabulous park, which covers about 350 acres, will really fascinate you because of its magnificent view. Well, one of the highlights is the Serpentine which is a man-made lake for swimming and boating created in the 18th century. Not only that, you can also find Apsley House which was the home of the first Duke Wellington. It now becomes a museum that has the magnificent collection of Wellington, such as paintings (Velazquez’s The Waterseller of Seville) and some gifts from great European kings.

Where is to Hang Out in London?
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Where is to Hang Out in London?

Where is to Hang Out in London? – Many people plan their vacation before the day to make sure that they won’t miss the best thing in the destination area. Here is some information for you who wants to visit London for your next holiday. The list of the best place to hang out in London will help you to get unforgettable moments during your holiday.

– The Best Area to Hang Out
London surely has so many things to offer to visitors and tourists the way has so many games for online gambling players. There are the best areas in London which are well-known for its nightlife and the best place to hang out. The first area is Mayfair. This area is located in the center of the city. It is can be said that Mayfair is an exclusive area in London.

It is where the five-star hotel, clubs restaurants, bars, and expensive shops are located. The next area is in East London. This is a home of various big events in London. You can see exclusive bars and restaurants in East London. This area is popular with a friendly neighborhood which makes you want to stay longer here. If you want to enjoy London’s nightlife, you can visit Soho and South Kensington.

These two areas are well-known for its nightlife with many cool bars and bars in every corner of the area. Another area which is perfect to hang out and feel a different atmosphere of London is Camden. In this area, you can enjoy the nightlife in the bohemian style. There are many live performances from the local artists that will make your holiday feel more special.

– Best Clubs in London
You can try one of these selections if you love to go to the clubs in London. The first one is the Funky Buddha. This is an exclusive club which is located in Mayfair. You can see some famous celebrities and artists hang out in this club. Funky Buddha is not open daily. You can enjoy it only on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

funky buddha

Another clubs which is perfect to hang out and enjoy a night in London is Cirque Le Soir. This club offers different performances for its audience because the audience will enjoy the combination of circus performance and amazing nightlife show in this club.

The list of the best place to hang out in London will help you to get unforgettable moments during your holiday. There are the best areas in London which are well-known for its nightlife and the best place to hang out, such as Mayfair, East London, Soho, South Kensington, and Camden. The Clubs you can try to enjoy your stay in London are Funky Buddha and Cirque Le Soir.

How to Be Polite In London
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How to Be Polite In London

How to Be Polite In London – People from different part of the world define “being polite” with different actions. For this reason, tourists often experience culture shock. The custom in one country might be the contrary of what usually happen in theirs. Then how is the London locals way to be polite?
– Say Good Things Only
There is one thing you should know about locals in London; they are proud of their country. Thus, they cannot tolerate any bad words about London. Some tourists who don’t know about this rule could easily break the rule while chatting or commenting on something. Things can get worse when you say bad words while people can confront you.

One of the most triggering things to comment on is the accommodation. The price for hotel or even hostel per night is quite expensive. Naturally, people expect something luxurious from the hotel. When they see standard facilities, they might be disappointed. Avoid this mistake and look carefully for worth accommodation. Plenty sites provide hot deals information in their pages.

– Stay Humble
How humble should you be? At least, mind your action they way you think of your strategy while playing online poker in carefully, especially while talking and paying something. First of all, locals in London won’t appreciate loud discussion. Make sure to keep your voice low while talking to your friends. Cover your mouth to cut the noises when you laugh. Try to suppress your laughing volume as well.

If you are having meal in the restaurant and plan to pay for your local friend, keep the cash for yourself. Even if flexing becomes a trend, people in London consider it as rude gesture. Moreover, showing off money might get you robbed. This rule also applies while initiating conversation. Ask about anything but their salary.

– Queue Neatly
While staying in London, you don’t want to miss the good food. Especially during rush hour and holiday season, you might have to stand in a queue before securing a seat inside. It is not the most favorite thing to do, but you have to follow the custom.

Locals will be disturbed when you cut the lines. They have patiently waited for their turn, so you should do the same. If you are not sure about the end of queue line, then ask the person in line to show you.

London is international city and the big one, too. These two facts apparently make people think that as tourists, they could do whatever they like. Even though London is modern city with million newcomers per year, the locals are still as polite as the old times. Since you come as a guest, you should do your best not to offend their feelings.

Tips to Find Best Places in London
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Tips to Find Best Places in London

Tips to Find Best Places in London – London has been known as one of the best places that many people would love to visit. That is because this place offers the beauty as well as the warmth of the people. That is why a lot of people are interested in visiting this place. Unfortunately, even though there are a lot of nice places to visit in London, not all of those places are always suitable for your needs. If you are thinking about finding the best place to visit in London, then you need to know these tips first.

The first tip to try is to browse for the options from the internet. This is one of the simplest things that you can do because you can easily get any kind of information that you need about poker gambling places from the internet. That is why you might want to search for some of the best casino places to visit in London. Besides it is something simple, you can easily find the places that suit you within few minutes. The second tip is to check on the details of the place. Once you have found the places that you want to visit, you need to check the details of the place. There are some details that you need to check such as the location, the reviews and the quality. These three things are important because there are a lot of nice places around the world that have been closed but they are still can be found on the internet. This is one thing that you will never want to experience if you are visiting London.

The last tip is to find some forums that can help you to choose the best places to visit in London. Social media is the key of many things nowadays. Instead of using it for random things, why do not you use it for something positive? You can easily find a lot of different forums through your social media. This way, you will be able to find the nice places that you can visit in London. You can easily ask for some references from the locals inside the forum so that you can get some considerations to take into account. by doing this, you can get a lot of different options that will later on determine the places that you want to visit in London. In conclusion, if you are thinking of going to London for the first time, think about those tips so that you can have an enjoyable travel here.

Why Is It Best To Move To London In Winter?

Why Is It Best To Move To London In Winter?

Those who learn about Western lifestyle must have considered to live in London. It is the fame and exclusivity that attract more people to move to London. Many newcomers, especially they who came from different continent, suggest that best time to move in during winter. What are the exact reasons?

Less Tourists
Don’t forget the fact that London is one of the famous tourist cities in the world. Therefore, coming to London during summer or spring is the worst choice. People are everywhere. It would be a hard work to adjust in this situation. Winter, on the other hand, is not everyone’s favorite season. Many people prefer to stay under their blanket rather than travel to London. This is the chance to explore the city with less crowd.

Adjusting To The Weather
In case the newcomers don’t know yet, London has cold temperature for most of its year. Never compare London to any other cities. Even though it is spring, the tourists and newcomers should prepare warm clothes. Some local people might wear shorts in the beginning of spring, but it doesn’t mean the weather is already warmer. Their body temperature has been adjusted!

Cheaper Accommodation
As mentioned before, winter is the less favorable time for tourists. As the result, the price for accommodation goes lower than usual. In many ads, the landowners usually give 20% discount. During winter, the newcomers could get another 10-20% discount. It might not be much, but for a high cost city like London, the small discount has big point.

Are you planning to move to London? Then make sure all the luggage are ready before winter. Even though it is the coldest season of the year, the newcomers will get more benefits. Think about less crowd both in the street and in the public transportation. There might be special offer for the accommodation as well!

A Student In London: Play Hard, Study Hard!
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A Student In London: Play Hard, Study Hard!

Who wouldn’t dream of being a student in London? More than 40 universities are welcoming new students every year. Not to mention, the worldwide recognition of London graduates! However, there is a rumor that there is barely any time to have fun as the students are struggling to live daily. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Note The Basic Living Cost
This is probably the first thing any students should do upon or prior to their arrival. Make a simple note of the daily living expenses. What should be included? Start from the closest one: fast food meal, mineral water, bread and milk. Then add the items to commute: bus price, transportation ticket, train ticket, etc. It is always good to have comparison and set the bar.

Get The Most Out Of Free Stuff
Luckily, not everything is charged in London. Some fun places with breath taking view could be accessed for free. Some of the examples are Greenwich Park, Sky Garden, Tate Modern, British Museum, etc. These places are located in the city, so there is no additional cost for the transportation. Moreover, the free public places are well maintained. It is as if the place has its own cleaning service.

Shop Like Locals
The last trick that will help the students saving more money is shopping in local market. Also, there are lots of shops that sell grocery for cheap price. Throw away the “tourist-like” standard. It will surely cost more. If the students plan to explore the city, never use trip website. They often show longer route to reach the place and more expensive transportation to get there.

The life of a student in London should be easier after knowing the tricks above. After all, meticulous planning and detailed observation are important. Write down the monthly budget and how the students are going to spend it. Make sure to put the important things first then apply the trick. Good luck!

How to Spend Festive Season in London
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How to Spend Festive Season in London

One of the best times visiting London is during winter in December since the city was decorated with the Christmas Decoration and many festive things occurred during this holiday season.

Here is the recommendation from of how to spend the winter holiday in London

– Christmas Shopping
Christmas cannot be separated from shopping since there is a tradition for us to give Christmas gifts either to family, friends or even colleague. If you are going to do some Christmas shopping in London, you could go to Harrods which usually offer the winter sales. You also could go to Oxford street which you could find many international brands or British retail chains there. If you are looking for Christmas decoration and ornaments you could go to Liberty of London which has a great selection for these.

– Christmas Market
One of the main reasons to go to London during the holiday season is to visit the Christmas market. There are many Christmas markets which you can do various activities such as tasting mouth-watering traditional British Christmas food, tasting hot mulled wine, as well shopping gifts or just strolling around to enjoy the Christmas ambience in London. Southbank Christmas market, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, Victoria Park Winterville are some of the well-known Christmas markets or fairs in London.

– Ice Skating
There are many places in London that have the outdoor spots for ice skating such as Hyde Park, Natural History Museum, Canary Wharf, Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London and many more. this is fun activities that you can do with your loved one or with your family.

– Christmas Decorations
During the festive season, London will be all decorated with the lights and decoration which makes the city looks really beautiful at night. Enjoy this view by strolling around the city to feel the Christmas holiday spirit. You also could visit the annual Christmas at Kew to see the enchanted trail of lights around the botanic gardens.

– Spend Your New Year’s Eve in London
If you are planning to stay in London during Christmas, why not extend your stay until New Year since New Year’s Eve in London is definitely worth to visit. There are big fireworks will happen on the Thames and you will need to buy in advance for a ticket to attend New Year’s Eve fireworks display in London. You also could join the New Year’s Eve cruise or having dinner in the restaurants with a view.

It is truly magical to visit London during the festive season because there are lots of things that you can do and explore in the city. Since the city will be more crowded than usual, it is advisable that you buy tickets for attractions or sites in advance.

Avoiding Tricky Roommates In London!
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Avoiding Tricky Roommates In London!

It is not surprising to learn that the accommodation price in London is so high. Many magazines hace mentioned London as one of the high cost living cities in the world. For this reason, many newcomers and students, in particular, prefer to rent an apartment or house, then share it with roommates in London. Is there any way to find the cooperative roommate?

– Be On The Same Page
The first point that all the roommates should agree is the monthly rent cost. A lot of people are having tough discussion on this topic. One kind suggestion; never compare the price in London and the homeland! The price for a rent house near the city is roughly $600-$750 per person. Trying to get closer to the center of London? Then prepare another $100 to $200 per month.

Keep in mind that the rent price is only for the house. Another facilities like gas and electricity are calculated separately. Each of them costs around $30 to $50. Some landlords offer more private facility like working space, bathroom with toilet, garage, etc. Don’t forget the rent; $100 for each one the tenant uses.

– State Everything Clearly
Living together with someone who are not too close is a challenge. To minimize conflict, make a simple agreement letter about what to do and what not to do. If the house exclusively belongs to the tenants, then never skip the wordings about cleaning. It is the least thing someone wants to voluntarily do.

Another thing that should be mentioned in the agreement is the penalty. Usually a group of people would rent the house for certain period. Then what happen if one of them suddenly moves out? Think about it carefully and discuss with the other roommates.

Living in London costs anyone some big fat check every month. That is why, sharing a house with some roommates in London is more convenient. Still, not anyone could be a good and supportive roommate, so be careful!

London and Its Free Tourist Attraction to Visit
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London and Its Free Tourist Attraction to Visit

London is a beautiful city to visit. It is the widest city in the UK which full of charm and attraction. As we can see in the movie and magazines, the beauty of London has its own charm to attract people from various countries to visit study or even stay in there. What is so interesting about this city that makes many people willing to fly for miles to visit the Queen’s city? Let’s find out.

– About London
London is a popular city in the world. People know London as the center of business, financial, fashion, art, politics, and culture. London was used to call as Londinium. Romans discover London more less 2000 years ago. According to the , London was used to be a small city which limited by the walls. The city is known as the city of London. As the time goes by, more people come and stay in this place. They set villages around the city of London. Eventually, the villages were merged and become a big city, which we call as London nowadays.

London is popular for its beautiful view ad culture. Many adorable world building can be found in London, such as the Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Elizabeth Tower, Trafalgar Square and more.

– Free Tourist Attractions to Visit
If you have a plan to visit London for this holiday season, don’t forget to visit some free tourist attractions in London. Here are the lists which specially made only for you.

• Museum of London
Museum of London was established in 1976. You can see more than seven millions objects which told you about the history of London form the first it is found by the Romans until now. The objects will tell you a lot of history of London and its development in the past 10,000 years. This museum receives a visit in a total of one million for a year.

• Victoria and Albert Museum
You are lucky enough can visit to one of the best museums in the world. Victoria and Albert Museum was established in 1825. There are many objects collected around the world, such as Europe, North America, North Africa and Asia. You can see various collections, such as fabrics, clothes, ceramics, glasses, house wares, paintings, jewelries, pictures, sculptures and more. This museum visits by more than three million people each year.

• Saint James Park
This is a park which built in 1603. You can see a lake with two islands in it. In St. James Park, you can see some famous places, such as The Blue Bridge, Tiffany Fountain and House Guard Parade and more. In the west part of this part, you can see the Buckingham Palace. The tourists get attracted with the change of Royal Guard process which is quite unique and can’t be missed.

London is a beautiful country with its culture, art and history. Don’t forget to visit some free tourist attractions in London, such as the museum of London, Victoria and Albert Museum and St. James Park. It can add be your reference when you go to London for holiday or business trip.

What Is The Perfect London Transportation For You?

What Is The Perfect London Transportation For You?

A lot of newcomers thought that stepping on London is the only thing that matters. Surprisingly, those who have stayed longer in the capital of United Kingdom don’t agree. There are more things that should be done to maintain decent living. Especially, when it comes to London transportation. Which one is more suitable for the person?

The Executive Workers
Some professions need great performance. Thus, these persons and don’t have more humble choice than a car. It is the least transportation any average workers would dream of. First, the price of the car itself is expensive. Second, London streets are not the friendliest place to drive. With all the traffic on business hours, the average speed for four wheelers is 10 mph. No wonder, the gasoline costs per month will be quite high.

The Perfect London Transportation

The Independent Workers
Mobility is a must while working in London. Sometimes, the workers need to go somewhere and must arrive in time. In this case, taking public transportation would be out of the option. Even though it is scheduled, no one could guarantee there is available seat inside. The best option for the worker is taking a private motorcycle. The new one has reasonable place. There are plenty places to buy the used ones as well.

The Modest Workers
There is one way to avoid the traffic in London; ride a bicycle. It is a great choice to stay healthy and keep the body shape. Compared to the other transportation means, bicycle is the cheapest. If the workers have very limited money, try to rent a bike. This is the recently popular trend in London.

It takes a while before the newcomers could get used to the lifestyle in London. The first rule anyone should adapt quickly is no money wasting upon something less important. For example, the London transportation one should take everyday. Choose wisely or lose the valuable money!

How to Travel London like A Local?
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How to Travel London like A Local?

Every town, even ones as big as London, is unique on its own. There always are nooks that’s simply can’t be found with a tourist’s perspective. So, if you’re interested to explore London and all of its unique corners, then it’s a good choice to travel London like a local.

How to Travel London like A Local

– Avoid Tourist Attraction, Focus on Exploring the Blocks
Obviously, if you don’t want to look like a tourist, don’t behave like a tourist. That’s why tourist spots are definitely no go. After all, just like how it is in most part of the world, actual locals don’t go to those places in exception of special circumstances like a school study tour. Instead of going to those spots, try to walk around downtown for sightseeing. That’s what the locals would do on their spare time anyway.

– It’s The Queen, innit.
Our way to speak also show if we are a tourist or a local. Though the Brit is famous for rhyming slangs, don’t try to do it especially if you never set a foot on London before. Using in awkwardly would make you easy to spot as a tourist, possibly summoning laughter to people in the hearing radius.
Besides, not every local do that. Most locals or would use ‘innit’ in their daily speech instead. It’s a slang similar to ‘ain’t it’, but often used as a substation to a full stop instead. By using innit now and then, it will be hard to get a weird glance in local spots. For an example, take a look on this subpoint title.

– Be in A Park When It’s Sunny Out
The sun is out there in England, but a clear day is quite rare. Therefore locals would take any sunny day in summer as a chance to go to the park to sunbath. Even if it’s not summer, they are likely to be outside when sunny, so have a meagre picnic in the park and blend it!

– Shopping? Go to Paris
Despite having numerous shopping centres and streets with brand name stores, shopping in London is barely a local’s first choice. So, it’s likely for tourist to hoard those spots instead. Since we are going to avoid looking like a tourist, let’s just move on to Paris when you need to shop. Plus, we’ll get to visit another country, which is a surplus for travelling!
Surely, being a normal tourist is a fun experience on its own. However, being alienated in an unfamiliar place is not exactly fun. Fortunately, blurring with the locals will tackle this problem. So, for the best authentic experience, travel London like a local.

Top Things You Can Do in London
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Top Things You Can Do in London

As the capital of England and the United Kingdom, London offers many things that the visitors could explore. London offers the historical places such as House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and of course its famous landmark ôBig Benö clock tower. Here are five top things that you can do when you visit London

Having A Magical Day in Warner Bros Studio Tour
If you are a big fan of harry potter, you must visit Warner Bros Studio Tour London û The Making of Harry Potter. You will be able to explore the behind the scene of Harry Potter films such as the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, Ollivander’s wand shop, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and many more, you will also could see the iconic props such as the broomstick of Harry Potter, the Nimbus 2000 or Hagrid’s motorcycle that was seen in the films.

Visiting the Buckingham Palace
This London home of Queen Elizabeth II is open for a public tour in the summers and several selected dates on winter and spring. The visitors could have access to 19 staterooms where usually the queen and royal family members host several events. The visitors could also see some of the royal collection and learn more about the history of the Royal Family. The tour ticket starts from 24 pounds and the palace is usually open from 9.30 AM until 6.00 or 7.00 pm depends on the months.

Discovering the Tower of London
Even though the tower of London was famous before as a prison in the 16th and 17th century, the tower of London now being famous as one of the top attractions in London. This tower is located in the north bank of the River Thomas, Central London. You will be able to discover many histories from this tower including the crown jewels, the spooky tales when it was used as a prison. The ticket starts from ú26.8 for the adult.

Exploring the British Museum
The British Museum has remarkable collections such as Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and Parthenon sculptures. This museum is founded in 1753 and visited around six million visitors every year. This admission ticket is free, and the museum is open daily from 10.00 AM until 17.30 PM.

Visiting the Madame Tussauds
Madame Tussauds currently are in 21 places in the world and one of these famous wax figure museums is located in London. There are around 300 wax figures in Madame Tussauds London including Her Majesty the Queen and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and many other famous figures.

If you are planning to go to London, don’t miss out to go to these five places. There are also other places that you must visit in London such as Tower Bridge, Coca-Cola London Eye, Borough Market and many more.

Outstanding Christmas Events in London

Outstanding Christmas Events in London

Christmas is always nice and joyful and London is a viable option to spend your holiday and enjoy the outstanding Christmas atmosphere. Below these are outstanding Christmas events in London which is recommended to be your main plan trip.

Go Ice Skating
Christmas is related to the winter and the most popular activity in winter is doing outdoor ice skating. The public rinks or private rinks are ready to serve from third week of November to second week of January. Interestingly, some rinks are available for rent until late evening. Doing ice skating in London is totally your option as it host many outstanding Christmas event.

Ice Skating

One of popular ice-skating events is the largest open-air skating rink which holds in Hyde Parks annually. Traditional German beer halls, food stalls, circus, and other exciting activities will bring you to the different Christmas feeling ever. Interestingly, ice skating does not merely find in Hyde Park, known as winter wonderland. Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace is other option to spend your day for ice skating.

Find Interesting Souvenir in Christmas Market Fairs
Shopping is a must in London especially when it is Christmas. If you are looking something new for Christmas souvenir, Christmas market and fairs is the viable option. For your information, the Christmas market and fairs is annual event and the number is different every year. Interestingly, there are three big Christmas market and fairs in 2018.

Firstly Spirit of Christmas Fire. This event conducts in 30 October to 4 November 2018. This fair provide unrivalled accumulation of 800 autonomous boutique retailers and designer-makers. It is a great time to get a shopping Christmas experience. Secondly, Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair. This fair is not just selling Christmas souvenir, it is beyond than that.

Food and beverages as well as beer festival, decoration parts, interiors are things that you can get in here. Started from 7 November to 11 November 2018, it is a good place to get the festive mood. Thirdly, Southbank Centre Wintertime Market. This fair starts from 9 November 2018 to 6 January 2019. Conducted by the London Eye, this fair provides family-gathering activities, theatre performances, Christmas souvenir and Market stall.

With all interesting things, London is such a great place to celebrate your Christmas. Do not miss the outstanding Christmas events in London or you will regret in your ages.

Students, Grab The Cheaper Train Ticket In London!

Students, Grab The Cheaper Train Ticket In London!

There are lots of public transportation in London, but the most popular one among students is the train. It is still the fastest means of transportation to reach the destination. The price might not be the friendliest, but university students could always get low cost train ticket in London. How is it possible?

Buy A Railcard
The first know how for students who commute everyday from uni to the rent house is railcard. It gives free ride on the third use. Roughly, it is equal to $40 per year. Once again, this is just a rough calculation. Those who ride train more often will save more. Keep in mind that the railcard only applies for one person. If the students prefer to move in pair, then buy the two-together railcard. It is also a free ride for the third.

Book Before The Trip
In many countries, buying tickets on the day of the trip will cost more than booking before hand. The same rule applies in London. The difference is no joke, either. While buying on the spot costs $200, the pre-booked one will only cost $120! Interested? Then donÆt forget to install the app that allows the students to check the latest time to buy ticket with cheaper price.

Avoid Peak Hours
The least favorite option for traveling by train is pay-as-you-go style. Even though it cost much, some students still take the option, for they rarely use train. In this case, the best suggestion to save money is picking the right time. Every monday to friday, from 6am to 9 am and 5pm to 7pm are the peak hours. The price for train ticket will be quite high.

Considering to travel everyday by train? Then it is a perfect time to learn about saving more money. DonÆt forget to get students rail card. It gives 30% off fare during peak season. Also, plan the trip before hand and pre-booked the train ticket in London. Good luck!

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