Those who learn about Western lifestyle must have considered to live in London. It is the fame and exclusivity that attract more people to move to London. Many newcomers, especially they who came from different continent, suggest that best time to move in during winter. What are the exact reasons?

Less Tourists
Don’t forget the fact that London is one of the famous tourist cities in the world. Therefore, coming to London during summer or spring is the worst choice. People are everywhere. It would be a hard work to adjust in this situation. Winter, on the other hand, is not everyone’s favorite season. Many people prefer to stay under their blanket rather than travel to London. This is the chance to explore the city with less crowd.

Adjusting To The Weather
In case the newcomers don’t know yet, London has cold temperature for most of its year. Never compare London to any other cities. Even though it is spring, the tourists and newcomers should prepare warm clothes. Some local people might wear shorts in the beginning of spring, but it doesn’t mean the weather is already warmer. Their body temperature has been adjusted!

Cheaper Accommodation
As mentioned before, winter is the less favorable time for tourists. As the result, the price for accommodation goes lower than usual. In many ads, the landowners usually give 20% discount. During winter, the newcomers could get another 10-20% discount. It might not be much, but for a high cost city like London, the small discount has big point.

Are you planning to move to London? Then make sure all the luggage are ready before winter. Even though it is the coldest season of the year, the newcomers will get more benefits. Think about less crowd both in the street and in the public transportation. There might be special offer for the accommodation as well!