A lot of newcomers thought that stepping on London is the only thing that matters. Surprisingly, those who have stayed longer in the capital of United Kingdom don’t agree. There are more things that should be done to maintain decent living. Especially, when it comes to London transportation. Which one is more suitable for the person?

The Executive Workers
Some professions need great performance. Thus, these persons and don’t have more humble choice than a car. It is the least transportation any average workers would dream of. First, the price of the car itself is expensive. Second, London streets are not the friendliest place to drive. With all the traffic on business hours, the average speed for four wheelers is 10 mph. No wonder, the gasoline costs per month will be quite high.

The Perfect London Transportation

The Independent Workers
Mobility is a must while working in London. Sometimes, the workers need to go somewhere and must arrive in time. In this case, taking public transportation would be out of the option. Even though it is scheduled, no one could guarantee there is available seat inside. The best option for the worker is taking a private motorcycle. The new one has reasonable place. There are plenty places to buy the used ones as well.

The Modest Workers
There is one way to avoid the traffic in London; ride a bicycle. It is a great choice to stay healthy and keep the body shape. Compared to the other transportation means, bicycle is the cheapest. If the workers have very limited money, try to rent a bike. This is the recently popular trend in London.

It takes a while before the newcomers could get used to the lifestyle in London. The first rule anyone should adapt quickly is no money wasting upon something less important. For example, the London transportation one should take everyday. Choose wisely or lose the valuable money!