Must Visit Museums in London – London is a beautiful city in the United Kingdom. It considers the biggest city in England. If you arrange to visit this exotic city, you must visit these free museums in London. Visiting a museum can give you a lot of knowledge and information about the city itself. Here are the must-visit museums in London.

– Victoria and Albert Museum
The second list of must-visit museums in London is the Victoria and Albert Museum. It locates at Cromwell Road, Kensington & Chelsea, London SW7. The Victoria and Albert Museum is suitable for those who love architect and design world. It is founded in 1852. You can see various decorative arts with the approximate number of collections of 2.27 million things.

The visitor doesn’t have to pay the fee entrance since it is free. In this museum, the visitors will witness the amazing collections of the museums in the form of furniture, fashion, sculptures, photography, ceramics and glass collections, Asian art objects, paintings, cooks, jewelry, textile and many more. The visitors can see the architecture of the museum which is divided into some classifications, such as garden, Edwardian period, recent years and post-war period.

– British Museum
The first list is the British Museum. You don’t need to pay to visit this museum because it is free like signing up in online gambling site like The address of the British Museum is at Great Russell Street, London, WC1. It was established in 1753. Besides you don’t have to pay the fee entrance, this museum is it is the first museum open for public in the world.

There are 8 million collections belongs to the British Museum. You can see world civilization from the prehistoric era until the modern ones. Some museum’s collections which are famous around the world are The Lewis Chessmen, the treasure of Oxus, Egypt mummies, Krishna in The Garden of Assam, Islamic World collections, Indonesia artifacts, the Moai statue of Easter Island, and many more.

– Museum of London
The third list of the free and must-visit museums is the Museum of London. This museum is founded in 1976 and located at London Wall, London, EC2, and United Kingdom. The visitors can see various collections that spotlight on urban history in the world. There are more than one million people visited this museum every year.

You must visit these free museums in London if you arrange to visit this beautiful city in Uk. Here is a list of must-visit museums in London. They are the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Museum of London.

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