London is the capital city of England, which certainly has history and interesting facts. Where London is known as one of the largest and oldest cities on the European continent. So do not be surprised if London is one of the most popular cities in the world. However, did you know that there are some things about the city of London that not many people know about? Well, to find out more details, see the full review below.

  1. The Biggest City in Europe

As previously explained, London is the largest city on the European continent. With such a big city, it has a population of more than 7000000 people. Moreover, people in London consist of various ethnic groups such as Dutch, Muslims and Jews. In fact, there are currently 200 different ethnicities in London. The largest city in Europe is also rich in languages. Coming from many ethnicities, there are 300 languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can find there.

  1. Big fire in London

Maybe not many people know that London has experienced the biggest fires. Which is where this big fire broke out in 15 points. However, the biggest fires took place in The Great Fire of London. In this fire scorched the main part of the City of London, because the fire lasted for 4 years. More precisely, this fire occurred in 1666.

The impact of the fire This burned many historic buildings in London. However, the benefits of this fire the London government managed to build roads and buildings for the better. To remember the fire, the London government built a monument called the “Monument of Pudding Lane”.

  1. Cultural Property

The richness of culture in London is no longer a foreign thing. But many people don’t really know. Please note that in London there are 300 museums and there are also 200 performance venues. In addition, there are also 250 galleries spread throughout the city. With so many museums, of course we can find out how the history in London.

  1. London Bridge

Did you know London Bridge? London Bridge is a bridge over the Thames. This bridge is the third bridge that was renovated from the previous bridge. The first bridge was built in 1209. After that in 1831 a second bridge was built as a replacement. Well, in 1973, the third bridge, called the London Bridge, was built.

  1. Underground tunnels

Did you know that London is the only city in the world that first had an underground tunnel as a railway line. “Tube” as the underground tunnel in London. In the past, during the second world war, this tunnel was very useful as a shelter for the community from various attacks. In fact, at that time in this tunnel there were 22,000 beds equipped with bathrooms. While the train at that time served to transport food every day for all residents.

  1. London Olympic Stadium

Another thing about London that few people know about is the London Olympic stadium. The London Olympic Stadium is a sports stadium ever built in London and is the lightest. With the size of the stadium is large enough, the roof can save 80,000 people. The reason is that this sports venue is made of used gas cylinders.