There are lots of public transportation in London, but the most popular one among students is the train. It is still the fastest means of transportation to reach the destination. The price might not be the friendliest, but university students could always get low cost train ticket in London. How is it possible?

Buy A Railcard
The first know how for students who commute everyday from uni to the rent house is railcard. It gives free ride on the third use. Roughly, it is equal to $40 per year. Once again, this is just a rough calculation. Those who ride train more often will save more. Keep in mind that the railcard only applies for one person. If the students prefer to move in pair, then buy the two-together railcard. It is also a free ride for the third.

Book Before The Trip
In many countries, buying tickets on the day of the trip will cost more than booking before hand. The same rule applies in London. The difference is no joke, either. While buying on the spot costs $200, the pre-booked one will only cost $120! Interested? Then donÆt forget to install the app that allows the students to check the latest time to buy ticket with cheaper price.

Avoid Peak Hours
The least favorite option for traveling by train is pay-as-you-go style. Even though it cost much, some students still take the option, for they rarely use train. In this case, the best suggestion to save money is picking the right time. Every monday to friday, from 6am to 9 am and 5pm to 7pm are the peak hours. The price for train ticket will be quite high.

Considering to travel everyday by train? Then it is a perfect time to learn about saving more money. DonÆt forget to get students rail card. It gives 30% off fare during peak season. Also, plan the trip before hand and pre-booked the train ticket in London. Good luck!