How to Be Polite In London – People from different part of the world define “being polite” with different actions. For this reason, tourists often experience culture shock. The custom in one country might be the contrary of what usually happen in theirs. Then how is the London locals way to be polite?
– Say Good Things Only
There is one thing you should know about locals in London; they are proud of their country. Thus, they cannot tolerate any bad words about London. Some tourists who don’t know about this rule could easily break the rule while chatting or commenting on something. Things can get worse when you say bad words while people can confront you.

One of the most triggering things to comment on is the accommodation. The price for hotel or even hostel per night is quite expensive. Naturally, people expect something luxurious from the hotel. When they see standard facilities, they might be disappointed. Avoid this mistake and look carefully for worth accommodation. Plenty sites provide hot deals information in their pages.

– Stay Humble
How humble should you be? At least, mind your action they way you think of your strategy while playing online poker in carefully, especially while talking and paying something. First of all, locals in London won’t appreciate loud discussion. Make sure to keep your voice low while talking to your friends. Cover your mouth to cut the noises when you laugh. Try to suppress your laughing volume as well.

If you are having meal in the restaurant and plan to pay for your local friend, keep the cash for yourself. Even if flexing becomes a trend, people in London consider it as rude gesture. Moreover, showing off money might get you robbed. This rule also applies while initiating conversation. Ask about anything but their salary.

– Queue Neatly
While staying in London, you don’t want to miss the good food. Especially during rush hour and holiday season, you might have to stand in a queue before securing a seat inside. It is not the most favorite thing to do, but you have to follow the custom.

Locals will be disturbed when you cut the lines. They have patiently waited for their turn, so you should do the same. If you are not sure about the end of queue line, then ask the person in line to show you.

London is international city and the big one, too. These two facts apparently make people think that as tourists, they could do whatever they like. Even though London is modern city with million newcomers per year, the locals are still as polite as the old times. Since you come as a guest, you should do your best not to offend their feelings.