It is not surprising to learn that the accommodation price in London is so high. Many magazines hace mentioned London as one of the high cost living cities in the world. For this reason, many newcomers and students, in particular, prefer to rent an apartment or house, then share it with roommates in London. Is there any way to find the cooperative roommate?

– Be On The Same Page
The first point that all the roommates should agree is the monthly rent cost. A lot of people are having tough discussion on this topic. One kind suggestion; never compare the price in London and the homeland! The price for a rent house near the city is roughly $600-$750 per person. Trying to get closer to the center of London? Then prepare another $100 to $200 per month.

Keep in mind that the rent price is only for the house. Another facilities like gas and electricity are calculated separately. Each of them costs around $30 to $50. Some landlords offer more private facility like working space, bathroom with toilet, garage, etc. Don’t forget the rent; $100 for each one the tenant uses.

– State Everything Clearly
Living together with someone who are not too close is a challenge. To minimize conflict, make a simple agreement letter about what to do and what not to do. If the house exclusively belongs to the tenants, then never skip the wordings about cleaning. It is the least thing someone wants to voluntarily do.

Another thing that should be mentioned in the agreement is the penalty. Usually a group of people would rent the house for certain period. Then what happen if one of them suddenly moves out? Think about it carefully and discuss with the other roommates.

Living in London costs anyone some big fat check every month. That is why, sharing a house with some roommates in London is more convenient. Still, not anyone could be a good and supportive roommate, so be careful!