How to Be Polite In London

How to Be Polite In London

How to Be Polite In London – People from different part of the world define “being polite” with different actions. For this reason, tourists often experience culture shock. The custom in one country might be the contrary of what usually happen in theirs. Then how is the London locals way to be polite?– Say Good

Tips to Find Best Places in London

Tips to Find Best Places in London – London has been known as one of the best places that many people would love to visit. That is because this place offers the beauty as well as the warmth of the people. That is why a lot of people are interested in visiting this place. Unfortunately,

Why Is It Best To Move To London In Winter

Why Is It Best To Move To London In Winter?

Those who learn about Western lifestyle must have considered to live in London. It is the fame and exclusivity that attract more people to move to London. Many newcomers, especially they who came from different continent, suggest that best time to move in during winter. What are the exact reasons? Less Tourists Don’t forget the

A Student In London Play Hard Study Hard

A Student In London: Play Hard, Study Hard!

Who wouldn’t dream of being a student in London? More than 40 universities are welcoming new students every year. Not to mention, the worldwide recognition of London graduates! However, there is a rumor that there is barely any time to have fun as the students are struggling to live daily. Well, it doesn’t have to

How to Spend Festive Season in London

How to Spend Festive Season in London

One of the best times visiting London is during winter in December since the city was decorated with the Christmas Decoration and many festive things occurred during this holiday season. Here is the recommendation from of how to spend the winter holiday in London – Christmas ShoppingChristmas cannot be separated from shopping since there is

Avoiding Tricky Roommates In London

Avoiding Tricky Roommates In London!

It is not surprising to learn that the accommodation price in London is so high. Many magazines hace mentioned London as one of the high cost living cities in the world. For this reason, many newcomers and students, in particular, prefer to rent an apartment or house, then share it with roommates in London. Is

How to Travel London like A Local

How to Travel London like A Local?

Every town, even ones as big as London, is unique on its own. There always are nooks that’s simply can’t be found with a tourist’s perspective. So, if you’re interested to explore London and all of its unique corners, then it’s a good choice to travel London like a local. – Avoid Tourist Attraction, Focus

Top Things You Can Do in London

As the capital of England and the United Kingdom, London offers many things that the visitors could explore. London offers the historical places such as House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and of course its famous landmark ôBig Benö clock tower. Here are five top things that you can do when you visit London Having A